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Lighthouse Baptist Church is committed to providing a place where hypocrites and sinners can come and find an end to "their trying to be good."  If you are tired of comparing yourself to others in order to make yourself feel better, exhausted at the prospect of "trying harder" to be the person you wish you could be, or broken over your inability to never live up to the standard set by you or others then you might be ready for a visit.  At Lighthouse we won't give you steps, tips, or a life-hack to become a "gooder and gooder" person.  Instead we will call you to repentance, a turning away from your sin and then turning toward God as you cry for His mercy.

Our worship is unpretentious, traditional, organic and hopefully sincere.  We long to honor God through reverential worship that reflects on who He is.  Our public worship includes the reading of Scripture, prayers, singing, giving of tithes and offerings, preaching of the Word and the celebration of the ordinances of communion and baptism.

We are an independent Church that seeks to align itself to the inspired and inerrant teaching of Scripture.  Historically and doctrinally, we draw much from the Baptist tradition, believing strongly in sovereignty of God, the security of the believer and the absolute responsibility of everyone to believe in Jesus.

Integral to who we are as a Church is the teaching, studying and implementation of the Word of God.  This is our heartbeat!  We want people in His Word because only a life lived in submission to God's will can ever hope to be approved by Him.

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